‘The Meerkats’ (US) aka ‘Meerkats the Movie‘ (UK) is a wildlife drama.

The story is written by James Honeyborne, narration by Alexader McCall Smith and told by the late Paul Newman. The movie was released by Momentum Pictures in British cinemas on 7th Aug 2009, classified: PG.

The Independent **** Daily Express **** Daily Mirror **** TNT Magazine ****

The Silver Teton is awarded to a film for one of the finest wildlife film scores we’ve ever heard; for outstanding sound design, mixing and recording; a truly memorable narration; outstanding cinematography and editing; and great storytelling and direction. For the first time in the history of the Festival, the Silver Teton is awarded to the Meerkats.

– Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Oct 2009

Selected UK reviews:

Cuter than the Waltons. Funnier than the Simpsons. Meet the family whose enchanting adventures are about to become the box office hit of the summer… it’s an epic tale of love, loss, tragedy and triumph.

– Daily Mail

A welcome throwback to the kind of documentaries that were a Walt Disney speciality in the Fifties. Entertaining, informative and filled with irresistably cute critters.

– Daily Express

Riveting footage underlying the beauty and brutality of life in the bush.

– TNT Magazine

Rather like the real-life natural-world Disney features of yesteryear, there’s a huge amount of entertainment to be had, especially for kids.

– Sunday Times, Culture

…the story follows one of the cutest creatures we’ve ever seen, a baby meerkat named Kolo, and is exciting, touching and at times tear-inducing… it covers so many different angles of the beauty and heartbreak of nature in a brisk 83-minutes.

– Premiere.com

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